Round up – February 2020

Well goodness me the year continues to be a record breaker!

My previous best February came all the way back in 2016 with 172 views – winter is typically a slow time of year for me because the weather is too wet to be out in much and the light is rarely good, and when it is, is usually when I’m at work.

This year though we’ve smashed the previous records with a whopping 240 views! The changes to the website seem to have made it much easier to navigate between articles, so visitors are looking more and enjoying a better experience, and seeing more of my work which is what it’s all about.

I’ve also carried on trying to create the best content I can, and have re-published some of my best work from the archives to keep the content coming. A lot of people may have missed some of the articles from years ago so sharing them again means more people can enjoy them.

March will be an exciting month because it’s the lead up to CosXpo in April, and then April onwards will hopefully feature a lot of exciting cosplay articles, and the weather should be good enough for me to get out and work on some landscape and wildlife again.

I’ve never felt so positive about photography and the website, so stay tuned viewer! There is more to come

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