Reservoir Tranquility

I love the Peak District and spend as much time there as I can, although sadly this isn’t very often.

Last winter I was walking with friends around Ladybower reservoir when I spotted this wonderful old bench by the water’s edge.


Peace at a Peak District Ladybower reservoir

I had to work quickly because my friends were there for a walk, not photography, so I composed fairly classically, the bench on the lower right third, with the seat facing into the image to balance its visual weight. I moved so that the far bank and its reflection  fill around 2/3 of the image, while the bench and other hill fill the last 3rd. This was important because although the bench is so small, it carries a very large visual weight, and so needed to be balanced by something much larger – the Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman is a fantastic book for learning about this concept – the result is a very calm, pleasing image. It feels cool, calm and still, and I find myself drawn to that bench. I want nothing more than to sit there a while, breathing in the sweet smell of the water and the heady perfume of the peat all around, listening to nothing except the wind in those far trees and the local birds overhead.

Images like this started my passion for photography, they carry you into the landscape and invite you to join them and see it for yourself.

No substitute for actually being there, but the draw is so strong it will make me make plans

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*Originally published on 26th July 2017

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