CosXpo Approaches

CosXpo Approaches

We’ve about 3 weeks to go until CosXpo 2020 and I have a lot to do! I need to decide what equipment I’ll be taking, and really ought to have some practice with it so that I’m slick on the day.

I also want to buy in some new business cards – my old cards have the old web address on them, which still works but doesn’t look as I would like it, and they are geared much more towards my wildlife and landscape work than cosplay.

I’ll be at the Xpo with my dear friend Zizi Moondust, so I’ll have the chance to photograph her in all new locations which is very exciting, but this Xpo is all about meeting people and making new friends. Zizi has been in the business for a long time and knows a lot of people, which has helped me chat with a few different cosplayers already – check out:
and of course the wonderful

Between now and then there is a lot of detail to finalise, and a lot of practice and other preparation to do, but I am very excited, and can’t wait to get a lot of new images, make some new friends, and hopefully produce a lot of interesting new content.

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