The Stormy Beach

Stormy beach

I am a huge fan of North Wales. On one trip, a year or so ago I spent the day sea fishing off of the beach at Barmouth. Naturally, I didn’t catch a thing, but it was hard not to enjoy a day on such a beautiful beach. Unfortunately it was extremely hot, but that worked in my favour because at the end of the day as the sun was dropping lower in the sky, dark storm clouds began to form out to see. I set up the tripod and composed with the two groynes leading the eye out to see, with the pebbles in the sand in front giving some nice foreground texture. The main feature of the image though is the gorgeous contrast between the large, heavy dark cloud, and the fierce, piercing white light of the sun as it punches though a small hole. As with most landscape photography, once I had the composition I had to just wait for the right light.

Happily, I got it!

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