Natural Sound – Torrent Falls


Taken in North Wales, these falls are part of a much longer fall that fills a beautiful ancient forest. Most of the falls are contained in a gully, but after following them for about an hour I reached a point where I could safely climb down to the edge of the water. To balance out the bright canopy foliage and the darker moss covered rocks in the foreground, this is actually a 3-photo HDR image. I used a tripod to ensure each image was identically composed, and a polarising filter remove the glare from the wet surfaces, and to saturate the colours a little more.

Compositionally, I placed the start of the full on the upper left “rule of thirds” point, as I wanted a stable, harmonious image. The foreground rocks provide interest, and the eye is drawn up and back by the softened water to eventually get lost in the dense forest.

I could have spent days here, its the last time I have been somewhere in which the only noise I could hear was made by a natural feature – no roads or aircraft, just the wind in the trees and the roar of the water

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