Allot Going On

Well the world has become terribly complicated. With the awful spread of Covid-19 the events that I was expecting to attend have been postponed or cancelled, and my opportunity for landscape photography has disappeared with the UKs new restrictions – I am all for this, we all now need to do our part to protect each other and society as a whole.

One thing that I am glad about is that earlier this month I took control of an allotment plot a few minutes walk from home. According to the government advice as of today (29th March) we are still allowed to visit allotments as part of our exercise, and given the isolated nature of working the plot, I have been visiting every day to try and get the plot up an running.

So, in the absence of grand sweeping vistas, I thought I could at least write a little about the plot! Mine is plot 13A of the Welbeck Road Allotment Association, which was established in 1991 (when I was 4…). The previous tenant of my plot had it for 10 years, and when he left he rotavated the ground, so it’s been left in pretty good condition for me now.

The plot is approximately 135 square metres and includes a greenhouse. I have wanted an allotment for a long time, we always grew food as a family growing up, and since leaving home I have grown vegetables and chillies in pots. Now though, I can run a fully established plot and hopefully provide some quality food for the table.

I feel extremely privileged to have this plot, especially in light of all the chaos in the world. Hopefully writing about it in lieu of my usual articles will still be interesting!

Only an iPhone image, but this is plot 31A – my own little piece of growing heaven
The greenhouse is going to be a very useful feature
Two soil beds and plenty of space for things in pots

So there we have it – hopefully I can document the growth of the plot here for as long as I am still allowed to attend, and at least I’ll keep giving you things to read, even if it’s less photography orientated.

Stay safe friends.

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