Ryan’s Farm – The Potato Patch

The Potato Patch

Bloody hell digging is hard work. The ground has needed breaking up a lot up in bed 7. The natural crop for ground like this is potatoes, because they do a lot of breaking up for you, but I still need to have the ground ready to receive them. So I’ve turned the soil once with the fork, then marked out the rows so I know where the potatoes will be, making sure to leave enough space either side so that I can earth them up as they grow.

Bed 7 marked out separately to start – I decided against this and dug it over into one big plot instead
With the soil broken up a little better it was time to add compost

With the rows marked out I filled two wheelbarrows and dug compost into the row to improve the soil before I put the potatoes in. This will need digging over again before it’s ready, but it’s slowly getting there

Thankfully there is some good compost already on the plot that I can dig in to the different beds

I will say – I know that this is not the perfect way of doing this, ideally I would do all of this at the end of the season and let it all break down over winter, but I have 2 choices – make a start with a less than perfect plot and get some food, or wait until I can make the soil text book and start growing next year. The rules of the allotment tenancy state that within one month of ownership I need to have 25% of the plot under cultivation, so I will do the best I can for this year.

Also, I have plenty of time now.

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