Round up – March 2020

Once again we are record breakers, for the third month in a row, coming in with 280 views this month, beating the previous record by 60 views.

I wish I felt more jubilant, but with the pandemic Covid-19 continuing to tear its way around the world I am just grateful that so far everyone I know is ok, and sorry for those who are affected.

I have been furloughed from my workplace for the time being, so have a lot of time at home which is nice, albeit on a reduced salary, but we are safe. I also have the allotment, which as of today is still a permitted activity, and which has been taking most of my time.

So, thank you to everyone who is continuing to read these articles, and welcome to anyone new – photography will resume as soon as the restrictions on travel are lifted and I can get out to the landscape, but in the meantime, updates from the allotment will continue.

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