Ryan’s Farm – Landscaping


I want my plot to look a certain way as well as produce food for us, so I want to designate growing beds and pathways so that I can move about the plot without stepping on crops and turning the place into a quagmire. I could use every inch of space for growing, but then I’d never be able to move around it.

So, I have my plan, which you can see at the top of the page; Bed 1 is at the very front of the plot from the access road, and bed 7 is the furthest away – you have to walk through the plot to get to it. To make it clear where the front 5 beds are I wanted to frame them with timber, and despite the isolation because of the virus I was able to order some timber decking to be delivered to the house. I then cut everything to length and pre-drilled it all at home before driving it to the allotment (which is still permitted under government guidelines) and assembled everything there

Between the beds I’ve put landscape bark chippings to provide a (hopefully) mud and weed-free pathway around the plot, giving me access to the beds from all sides and also making it easy to get a wheelbarrow through should I need to. After a couple of years the bark will have rotted down and can be shoveled into the beds to give a little more organic stuffs, and I can lay some fresh down for the paths.

The area between bed 5 and the greenhouse is where I am planning to put the shed with some waterbutts, although in this photo it looks rather tight and I might need to re-measure it (I have a backup location if it doesn’t fit). In this photo you can also see some bare ground at the end of bed 4, I am going to put some pots and planters here with flowers in to add a little colour, and bring the bees. I’m also going to just dot planters about the place with things like carrots in; the ground is quite heavy clay and will take a lot of work to make it good for carrots… Or I can just fill a planter with compost. I’ve grown carrots that way successfully for years and it feels a much easier way to do it for now.

So! We are well and truly under way. The worst of the digging is over, the soil in the beds at least is looking good and rakes down to a nice fine crumb. All we need now are some crops…

4 thoughts on “Ryan’s Farm – Landscaping

  1. Really enjoying these Ryan! Please keep them coming (while you can of course) and kudos for thinking of such a great way to keep the blog going. Keep up the good work!


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