Ryan’s Farm – A Shadow Looms

A Shadow Looms

Well we are really under way on the plot now! I’ve not had that much to do since the landscaping was finished for now, I will do a lot more when the isolation requirements have passed but at the moment there isn’t much but to sit back and watch out for seedlings.

I’ve got a crop of second earlies in the ground, with a main crop of maris piper going in at weekly intervals, filling up the potato patch. My seedlings have gone from nothing to a batch of healthy looking little plants in record time. My tomatoes have grown well over an inch in a couple of days and my broad beans, although looking a little windswept, have taken a firm hold and grown new foliage. My sweetcorn seedlings (that I bought) that were looking quite poor have perked up with being potted up to some larger pots.

All in all, I am very happy, and can’t wait for everything to get a little bigger and into the ground.

But, my friends, there layeth a shadow upon my happy grounds.

The fruit cage:

At the end of my plot is this jungle. What once was apparently a lovely fruit cage has become a choked mass of bramble hell. This is basically Mordor, and it’s spewing brambles onto what will become my cider orchard. My plot goes up to the border of the cage, so I contacted the committee and asked them who was responsible for the cage, and could they please be given a kick up the bracket.

They replied saying that there was no bracket available for kicking because no one has responsibility for the cage, no one wants it because, well, look at it:

What this needs is a day or two of some hard graft with a pair of loppers to cut all this down, drag it out, and dig out the bramble roots as best as possible, then regular monitoring to cut off the shoots from whatever remains, while planting a nice and easy crop that will produce fruit this year without taking a long time to get established. Strawberries, for example.

I’ve been looking for somewhere to put my strawberries…

So, I have taken it on! Not the whole fruit cage, I have the half of the cage at the end of my plot, and I even get it free of rent for the first year because of the amount of work it will take to get it cleared. The other half I presume will go to whomever takes the plot that neighbours mine, but they can clear out their own half.

I’ve been going spare without something to get my teeth, well more my arms, into and I think this will be just the ticket.

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