For the first time in weeks I felt the urge to pick up the camera and go into the garden

I took these yesterday when to be honest my mood was quite low with the isolation restrictions in place; I’m an outdoors man who isn’t allowed outdoors. Looking at them today I feel they both captured my mood perfectly.

The top image is devoid of any colour which I think speaks for itself, but I made a few other choices too – I used a £99 50 mm prime lens that has sharp focus right in the middle, and is then soft regardless of what aperture to use. It’s a cheap lens and you get cheap quality but for this image I felt like that is what I needed. I wanted just the very centre of the image to be in focus, and the rest to be soft or actively blurred, because that’s rather what life feels like at the moment; the centre of our lives, the home, is in sharp focus because we can’t leave, and everything else has become ethereal, just a memory and a hope that we can get back to it.

You may notice as well that the only thing that is actually in sharp focus in that image is the wall, everything else is out of focus or soft. I feel that walls are all I can see at the moment.

The second image was actually the first I took when I stepped outside. It’s a colour image, but just. The dull overcast day and a grossly underexposed image has reduced the colour palate to a very dull grey and blue. The leaves sit open, reaching out from the confines of the walls where their roots are, stretching out to hopefully find some light again when the dull weather passes, and then they will be full of life and vitality. But for now, all they can do is wait, and endure the rain.

Stay safe everyone.

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