Ryan’s Farm – Seeing Green

We’ve had some wetter weather this week in Nottingham and the allotment is looking better for it. Everything is growing on nicely now, and I just have to work to keep on top of the weeds.

All of the seedlings are well under way, the potatoes are all coming through and my second earlies and the first batch of main crop have been earthed up. My outdoor sown peas in bed 2 have started to come, along with the wild flower mix I sowed into bed 3. The sweetcorn is growing well and I’m hoping to plant it out into bed 5 before long. The broad beans continue to gain height, and I have planted my experimental greenhouse peas in the indoor greenhouse bed – don’t know what will happen here but I had the space and thought I’d give it a go.

Kestrels have been earthed up and have broken through already. I’ll earth up again this week
All of the remaining seedlings look good, and the corn has grown on well
Tomatoes are coming on really nicely
A bit of an experiment, my greenhouse peas are in the ground

Aside from weeding and the occasional watering, there isn’t too much happening for the moment. I keep working on digging over the fruit cage, and hopefully I’ll be able to source a big load of manure before long, which I’ll use to cover the dug over ground and then cover with black plastic until next year.

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