Landscape Gallery

Landscape is where it all began for me. Hiking across our gorgeous country, mostly in the Peak District, I fell in love with the land and wanted to capture its magic.

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Small waterfall

Arthog falls in North Wales

Dolbadarn Fort

Dolbadarn Fort in Llanberis

Waterfall in forest

Torrent falls, North Wales

Country gate

A gateway leading to an Iron age hill fort

River rapids

A very wet day and a failed waterfall shoot was rescued by this wonderful scene

Coastal Landscape

The end of the road

Stormy beach

A storm brewing off of Barmouth beach


Kinder Scout looking to the Edale valley


Peace at a Peak District reservoir


An icy walk to Lost Lad

A waterfall on Grindsbrook clough

A waterfall on Grindsbrook clough

Grindsbrook Clough

A wet, windy and grey day on Kinder Scout


A haunting view it Kitzbuhel, Austria


Ansel Adams inspired a lot of my landscape work


A ready made black and white

Oak in black and white

An oak tree in the full midday sun

Climbing the tree

The canopy of a tree in the reserve

A little steam for the enthusiast

Steam Railway Guard

The old guard on duty

Scots Guardsman

On a rail tour of the UK, Scots Guardsman passes through


A gorgeous saddletank engine with Victorian passengers

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

The area around the mud pots at Lake Myvatn in Iceland

Svartifoss waterfall

Glacier Lake

The iceberg filled lake at the foot of the glacier


The gorge that has formed at the bottom of Dettifoss, Iceland

Back Tor

3 hours of waiting, plus a specialist 300 mm lens, and 3 different stacked filters enabled this shot


A sunlit canopy makes for an interesting scene. Notice the wildlife events developing as well

Woodland bluebells

Gently illuminated by sunlight in an otherwise dark patch of woodland, this was a moment that only lasted around a minute