Wildlife Gallery

A collection of my wildlife images. I spend much of my time on wildlife now, and am very lucky to live near a fantastic nature reserve.

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Feeding Swan

A feeding swan makes a beautiful black and white full of textures

An angel of death - a common tern hunting

An angel of death – a common tern hunting

Swan and geese

When everyone else is a goose, be a swan.

Pony in black and whiteZebra portraitParrotattenborough1116-5Humboldt Penguin


One of the most stunning birds

Zebra Portrait

I find it hard to express how stunning I think zebras are


Giraffe are stunning

This robin tries to see me off

A robin in winter

Portrait of a Canada Goose

Portrait of a Canada goose

Snail Underleaf

Spiral snail hiding from the rain


My first photo of the week, a mute swan portrait

A portrait of a mute swan, taken at a local nature reserve.

Seaward Puffin

A little puffin out to see feeding on a fish