Too many options

Last time I went to have an adventure in the Peak District, it was something of a failure. I didn’t achieve what I wanted, and generally just got wet and cold.

Now it is officially summer, so I feel like this is the time for camping again, although no one appears to have told the weather… The question is, do I make this trip all about camping, leaving the beaten track and going wild? Or do I make it about photographs, and take the more comfortable camping gear. Why not both, I hear you ask? Well, if I want to do the photography properly, I want to have my proper camera, spare batteries, filters, filter adapters, a tripod, a travel cleaning kit… It all adds up! On my last trip, I couldn’t fit it all in my bag!

It’s a frustrating choice, because whichever I choose to do, when I am there doing it, I will inevitably wish I was doing the other! I have spoken before about how I adore the freedom that I am given by my own two legs, and the empowering feeling of carrying all your camping kit with you. I also love being somewhere with a base camp near by. It means I can focus wholly on my photography. Sadly, the amount of time I have available is limited, and I’m often forced to choose between one and the other.

Of all the dilemmas I could have, how lucky am I that this is the one that most concerns me!

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