New Gear? Get Out of Here!

Many years ago, my main camera was a Canon 600, a fairly basic but powerful enthusiast camera. At the time, I really wanted to give myself a boost with a camera that had a little more punch, but I simply did not have the budget. One day though, I discovered an article that made a very important point: a camera does not start producing worse images, just because there is a newer model.

The significance of this is that I went on to eBay, and bought a used, second hand Canon 5D mark 1, full frame camera. Now when this machine was released, it completely changed the field of full frame cameras from something that usually only a professional could justify buying, to a very powerful camera that was actually affordable. Skip forwards 10 years and it was still a very powerful camera! The fact that since its release other, much more powerful cameras are available, doesn’t change what the 5D mark 1 can do.

I’ve taken to carrying it with me as a secondary body, that I usually equip with a 50 mm prime or similar. I really enjoy working with it, and it still gives some stunning clarity

June17c 4star-5

Got to have the latest kit to get pin-sharp, high quality images?

I don’t think so

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