Snowdon Mountain Railway

Recently I was in Snowdonia with my wife to be, taking a walk up to the summit of Snowdon using the path from Llanberis. If you are in Wales and looking for a good hike, this is a good place to start!

The weather was quite ominous, and we had seen a lot of rain the day before. Happily it held for us on the climb, but there were enough heavy clouds around to give me some very dark brooding skies. Llanberis is also the start of the Snowdon mountain railway, which uses track and pinion to take passenger carriages up and down the mountain throughout the day:

Snowdon Mountain Railway

A pretty classic rule of thirds composition, the textured grass in the foreground, and the small, lone train dwarfed by the majesty of the mountains behind, all set off by the depth and detail of the sky with the furthest mountain illuminated by break in the cloud. I am very pleased with this image, taken essentially on the hoof will hiking.

Just goes to show, it is always worth carrying the camera

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