She has landed

After months of planning, and around 18 months since our last session together, Zizi Moondust and I went once again to BodyLine Studio for a full day of shooting, and hopefully produce another collector’s set for the Zizi fans out there.

We started off on a project that I’m not ready to reveal yet, but that is quite a departure for myself and Zizi, and which I’m really quite excited about, but the rest of the day was filled with the majesty of Zizi, and I have just finished my digital darkroom side of the job.

Boy am I pleased!

Zizi is a true alternative model, she’s a brilliant model in her own right and combined with her unique style and fun cosplay I find her so much fun to shoot. The fact that I’ve known her for around 16 years helps a little too…

The wide variety that Zizi gives me does present a challenge in terms of colour matching, luminescence and saturation but you know, that’s all part of developing the skillset of working in a studio, something I’m thinking of doing some more of.

I’m going to delve into specific images in a little more detail going forward but for now, here are some of my favourites:


Blue, cute and hammer wielding.  That’s the Zizi I know! That stunning jacket was made by Zizi herself from old Union flags! She has a range of her own products available on Stitchkittenuk, Etsy, take a look


A little bit of Halloween fun with Max, Zizi’s date for this year. Interesting fact, Max has featured in every photoshoot that we’ve done together, but this is the first time he has made it into a final image


Well, it wouldn’t be Zizi without Kitty


The infinity set at BodyLine Studio is one of my favourites, but when I found out they had this reflective black perspex available, I just couldn’t resist trying it out

You’ve read the blog, why not visit the store? Prints, mounted and framed available here

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