Geese in Black and White

Geese in Black and White

Geese in black and white

Geese in black and white

This is one of my favourite photos from Attenborough nature reserve in Nottingham. The geese are very common here, and they have been photographed in pretty much every which way and how, so I wanted to get a little more imaginative. It was a bright sunny day, and I was sat in a hide that overlooks a large lake, but that rarely gets any of the rare species on it. These two geese were part of a group that were generally milling around.

The strong light favours black and white, and when the front goose flapped its wings the shot fell into quite a natural composition and a pressed the shutter. The bright light enabled a fast shutter speed so the motion of the wings is frozen with the wings outstretched, and the feathers in sharp detail.

I like the image because it has a balanced composition, and the black and white just works. The water has some great texture, it almost feels thick and in some ways metallic, and the detail of the birds wing is exactly what I was after.

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*Originally published on 11th June 2015

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